Another UFC Legend Defends Conor McGregor Amid UFC 264 Backlash

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Conor McGregor ruffled a lot of feathers following his post-fight UFC 264 antics but add another UFC legend to the list of people who don’t appear to be bothered.

McGregor and Poirier shared the Octagon a third time in the main event of UFC 264. The two were vying to settle the score. McGregor won their first encounter back in 2014, while Poirier emerged victorious in their January rematch.

While Poirier ended up winning the trilogy fight via first-round TKO, this rivalry isn’t over. UFC President Dana White has already said a fourth bout between “The Diamond” and the “Notorious” one makes sense.

Poirier vs. McGregor 3 ended due to an injury. McGregor suffered a broken tibia. Video surfaced on social media showing a slow-motion look of McGregor’s shin appearing to catch Poirier’s elbow as the “Notorious” one went for a body kick.

After the fight, McGregor got on the mic and slammed Poirier. He even took verbal shots at Poirier’s wife, Jolie, calling her a “little hoe.” New footage also revealed that McGregor made gun signs towards Dustin and Jolie and he even threatened to kill them in their sleep.

Some viewed McGregor’s actions as deplorable but UFC legend Ken Shamrock has come to the former UFC “Champ-Champ’s” defense.

“Congratulations, you just became what you dislike.”

When the fan told Shamrock that he simply can’t feel bad for McGregor due to his antics, Shamrock doubled down on his defense.

“No one is asking anything from you but to talk about a fighter who has done what Conor has done is very disrespectful. Just because he is what he is doesn’t give you the right to be the same. Just be happy for Dustin leave Conor out of it.”

Shamrock isn’t the only UFC legend backing McGregor. Ronda Rousey didn’t take offense to any of McGregor’s words. In fact, she believes the Irishman showcased brilliance by setting up a fourth fight while his tibia was broken.

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