Kris Moutinho on his current status, his loss to Sean O’Malley, and receiving a $75K bonus

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Kris Moutinho impressed everyone who watched his performance on the UFC 264 main card opener against Sean O’Malley.

The short notice replacement and UFC newcomer displayed incredible amounts of heart and showed off his iron chin in the process. While referee Herb Dean stopped the fight in the third round and the record shows a TKO loss for Moutinho, many fans and pundits of the sport disputed the stoppage.

Despite absorbing 230 significant strikes and 177 strikes to the head, Moutinho is feeling alright.

“I feel great man, I feel great.Pride’s a little sore from losing man because a loss is still a loss, man,” Moutinho said to TMZ. “I don’t care how great everybody says the fight is man. I still lost and it still hurts. So, that’s the only thing. The face, it doesn’t really bother me man, I can take pain. I can take blunt force, or I wouldn’t do this.”

Moutinho said despite the fact that he was not victorious against O’Malley at UFC 264, he is happy he got to show the world the kind of fighter he is.

“This is what I’ve been telling everybody for so long man and I keep screaming it at like the top of my lungs. I’m the kind of person that people want to watch fight,” Moutinho said. “The way I fight is exciting. the way I fight is fun. The way I fight is how all the people in the bar want to fight. I come in and I’m coming for your life every second I’m in the cage and that is who I am. 

“This is what I’ve been telling everybody, man. This is what I’ve been screaming and this is why I’m so happy that I got to go out there and I got to show who I am and everybody’s taking to it as highly as they are. So it’s great man I’m very blessed and I’m just ready to see what’s next.”

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Moutinho also talked about what getting the $75,000 bonus for his fight of the night with O’Malley meant to him.

“I’m extremely happy,” Moutinho said. “It’s another step to taking care of my family and putting money into the right avenues to be able to take care of my family and never have to work another job and just do this again. Do this. The thing I love for the rest of my life ‘cause I love fighting, man. Fighting is what I love to do. Training is what I love to do. Being in the gym is what I love to do and it’s just another outlet to facilitate that growth.”

With a fight of the night bonus in his UFC debut, Moutinho gracing the octagon is a sure thing. Regardless of whoever the promotion decides to put in front of him next, there will be plenty of fans who will tune in for one reason. 

Kris Mountinho.  

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