Colby Covington claims Kamaru Usman is the ‘CEO of EPO’

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Now that a championship rematch between Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington is official for UFC 268, “Chaos” has started his trash talk build-up, and this time he is choosing to go the route of performance enhancers accusations.

Colby Covington had some things to say about ‘Marty Juiceman’ AKA Kamaru Usman

In an interview with Submission Radio, the former interim welterweight champion alleged that his opponent in November is a PED abuser, and it was the reason why “The Nigerian Nightmare” was victorious in the pair’s first fight at UFC 245 in 2019.

“I knew it was going to happen for many months [the booking of the rematch], it was just a matter of how long it was going to take, and how long Usman was going to delay it. He’s got to get some new EPO. He is the CEO of EPO. Marty Juiceman is looking for his doctor to heal him up and get some new EPO and be ready to go for round two with me,” Covington told the podcast’s hosts.

“He knows he got lucky the first time we fought. He knows it was an uneven playing field that night. It’s going to be a completely different outcome this time. It’s going to be a one-on-one, mano-y-mano fight, and it’s going to be a test to see who’s the best welterweight in the world.”

Erythropoietin, AKA EPO, is a synthetically made hormone injected into the bloodstream to help stimulate the production of red blood cells. These cells help shuttle oxygen to other cells in the bottle, and for athletes can lead to even more effective performance.

It’s all in a day’s work when it comes to Covington (16-2), 33, and his particular style of trash talk fight promotion. Meaning, he’ll say what he feels in that moment, even if there isn’t a ton of evidence supporting the notion. It’s a tried and true form of fight hype in the world of combat sports, and the Oregon native has certainly ridden that style of rhetoric into being one of the bigger names in the industry.

Covington also had some thoughts on the ‘burger flipper’ MMA media

However, in that interview Usman (19-1), 34, was not the only target in the crosshairs of Covington’s opinion. The former American Top Team product also took the time to air his thoughts on the mixed martial arts media, and their lack of appreciation for the “greatness” he has achieved in the sport. As well as his claim that they are pushing a narrative that he will be destroyed in a rematch to a fight that was up for grabs in the fifth and final round.

“I love the media dorks out there. Everyone’s pegging him, ‘Oh he’s number one pound-for-pound.’ They want to downplay my accomplishments guys. They don’t want to talk about what I’ve done in this sport. I’ve achieved greatness in this sport. They don’t want to appreciate me. They just want to downplay me at every stop. They don’t want to talk about me being the first fighter ever to go to the White House. Me being the UFC champ. Me being the number one ranked fighter,” Covington said.

“They just want to talk about, ‘Oh I got destroyed last time. It’s not competitive, this fight.’ This and that. They just want to talk sh*t on my name because they know they can’t stop me. I’m sick of these little dorks out there, in their mom’s basement, they’re not even the best burger flippers in their towns, and they want to talk about me, the best fighter in the UFC being not relevant.”

Usman and Covington will meet inside New York’s Madison Square Garden in November, for what will be the headliner of the promotion’s UFC 268 pay-per-view event.

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