Once A Fan, Covington Now Declares War On Drake

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[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following comments from Colby Covington were made prior to the alleged restaurant attack by Jorge Masvidal last week]

Since Drake placed a heavy bet on Jorge Masvidal, Colby Covington is no longer a fan of his music and has now declared war.

The roller coaster of pre-fight tension leading up to UFC 272 was a wild ride for just about every UFC fan.

It seemed as though every week, Masvidal recounted a memory in which Covington was viewed in a negative light, not to mention constantly stating he would break Covington’s face.

So when it came time to battle, many who had faith in Masvidal placed big money on him. The most notable bet was, of course, the $275,000 placed by massive Hip-Hop sensation Drake.

Covington was not pleased about Drake’s bet, and likely neither was Drake since Masvidal’s hand was not raised.

Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal
Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal, Photo Credit: Getty Images

Despite his monumental success in the music industry, Covington suggests Drake should go back to selling bad albums to make up for his loss.

And the criticism does not stop there. In a recent interview with Full Send Podcast, he goes into detail on why he considers Drake “soft”.

“I mean, how do you put your money on Phony Montana? Come on, Drake. You’re better than that. How did Drake even become something? Wasn’t he like some little boyhood star in Canada or something like that? Like, come on. There’s nothing gangster about that, Drake. You’re soft, bro. You’re not a gangster about that, Drake. You’re soft, bro.”

Admittedly, Covington was once a fan of Drake. However, as of late, he just isn’t in the mood for the Billboard Music Awards’ Artist of the Decade.

“I used to [be a fan]. I used to like it until he bet against me. So now, it’s war.”

To Colby, it is not enough that $275k of Drake’s money went down the drain. More consequences could be in store for Drizzy if the two cross paths on the battlefield of Miami.

“If I see him, I can’t say what’s gonna happen. I don’t know if I’ll be able to contain myself. That’s why they call me ‘Chaos.’”

This must make it incredibly awkward for Lil Wayne, who appears to be good friends with both of them. Covington credits Lil Wayne as the best rapper alive and claims they frequently speak to one other.

Drake may need to be on extra alert should he and Covington be in the same area.

What is your reaction to Colby Covington declaring war on Drake?

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