Ryan Garcia vs. Javier Fortuna full fight video highlights

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Watch Ryan Garcia vs. Javier Fortuna full fight video highlights from their showdown, courtesy of multiple outlets.

Garcia vs. Fortuna took place July 16 at the Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles, Calif. Ryan Garcia (23-0) and Javier Fortuna (37-4-1, 2 no-contests) collided in the main event. The fight aired live on DAZN.

Catch more video highlights below.

For more on Garcia vs. Fortuna, check out the live blog by Bad Left Hook.


Right hook from Fortuna doesn’t find the mark as he tries to get aggressive BUT HE WALKS INTO A COUNTER LEFT AND GETS FLOORED! Fortuna is done!

Garcia TKO-6.


Right hand from Garcia doesn’t land but he scores a check hook as Fortuna steps forward. Now Fortuna lands his own hook. Garcia lands a left hook upstairs and then looks to the body with another. Right hand lead scores for Garcia. LEFT HOOK FROM GARCIA DROPS FORTUNA! Fortuna gets up and wings a hook as he tries to get Garcia off of him. Fortuna on the retreat and then stops and lands an overhand right. Garcia scores a jab, then one more.

Garcia 10-8, 50-43.


Right hand lead from Garcia falls short. More lead rights come from Garcia but he’s not landing it here, but still keeping Fortuna on the defensive. Right hand lands to the head of Fortuna. Now Garcia rattles off a couple more quick punches upstairs. Garcia coming after Fortuna here and letting his hands go. Hard left to the body puts Fortuna down! Garcia wants to finish Fortuna off but Fortuna his bobbing his head and moving, trying to bait Garcia into a mistake. Jab lands clean for Garcia. Left hook touches the body again for Garcia. Now Garcia lands a left hook upstairs and Fortuna is getting on his bike.

Garcia 10-8, 40-35.


Right hand lead from Garcia makes partial contact. Fortuna tries to poke the body with a left hand. Garcia jabs and doesn’t land but keeps Fortuna moving along the outside of the ring. Garcia goes down to the body with a right hand. Three punches come from Garcia and Fortuna clinches. Counter left hand from Fortuna doesn’t land clean. Garcia jabs to the body.

Garcia 10-9, 30-27.


Garcia flicks a jab to establish range. Right hand from Garcia misses Fortuna’s body. Fortuna lands a counter jab upstairs. RIght hand from Garcia makes partial contact. Gortuna throws a shot to the body but takes a right hand in return from Garcia. Garcia tries to whip a hook over the rop. Three punches land clean for Garcia at center ring. Jab from Garcia lands upstairs.

Garcia 10-9, 20-18.


Garcia leads with a jab that doesn’t land as Fortuna keeps a tight guard. Garcia tries a left hook this time and then scores with a straight right. Garcia jabs and lands. RIght hand lead comes from Garcia and Fortuna responds with a hook. Garcia tries three lead rights that don’t find the range. Fortuna tries to loop a left but can’t land it.

Garcia 10-9.

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