Former UFC Champ Georges St-Pierre Throws Down A New Challenge

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Georges St-Pierre has taken the “deep squat” challenge—and he wants you to have a crack too.

It may be almost five years since St-Pierre last graced the Octagon, but he remains the physical specimen that made him one of the greatest MMA fighters of all time. The UFC Hall of Famer turned part-time fitness guru now regularly posts videos promoting health and fitness, typically featuring himself achieving athletic feats well beyond the ability of the average man.

St-Pierre has previously called on his over 4 million Instagram followers to try an animal-based diet for 30 days and treated them to the sight of him effortlessly performing a handstand on a set of parallels bars.

Now, the former two-time UFC champ has thrown down the “deep squat” challenge to his followers, offering a helpful tutorial on how one can perform the feat.


Georges St-Pierre Shows You How To Do A “Deep Squat”

In the video, St-Pierre describes exactly how you’re supposed to successfully perform the “deep squat” challenge.

“Little challenge for you guys, going to take a deep squat position. Your feet as straight as possible, your heels as you stay on the floor and push out with your knee. You have to stay there for at least 30 seconds. I learned this exercise from Kelly Starrett,” says St-Pierre in the video as he assumes a squat position.

The 41-year-old then offers some of the compelling reasons why you should try the “deep squat” challenge, which include a range of health benefits.

“In the beginning, I couldn’t do it. It took me a few months with a lot of work. It’s very good for ankle mobility, to release the tension in your back, and for your posture. If you can’t do it, of course you can hold onto something or have the wall behind you. Try to breath by your nose and relax,” says St-Pierre.

Leading such a healthy and wholesome lifestyle, St-Pierre is clearly flourishing in retirement following his 28-fight career. The Canadian made his professional MMA debut way back in 2002, before entering the UFC just two years later. St-Pierre went on to win the UFC welterweight belt in 2006, lose it a year later, before reclaiming the title and making nine successful defenses.

After four years away from the sport, St-Pierre returned to the Octagon for one last fight in 2018, claiming the middleweight title with victory over Michael Bisping.

What’s your take on Georges St-Pierre asking you to take the “deep squat” challenge?

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