PED Commentator Shares New Theory About Conor McGregor

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There is a new reason to be skeptical about the recent transformation of Conor McGregor according to one PED commentator.

Fans have been buzzing with speculation about McGregor since his injury in the rubber match with Dustin Poirier, with questions about how he will be able to recover and what he will look like when he returned.

However, this was kicked into overdrive at the realization that the Irishman had been posting pictures of himself looking bigger and more jacked than ever before at the same time that he was removed from the USADA testing pool.

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Theory: Conor McGregor is Using Steroids or Photoshop

While Conor McGregor has assured fans that he is “clear for testing in February” and will return to the Octagon shortly thereafter, there are still some lingering questions about why he was taken out of the USADA testing pool in the first place.

However, noted PED commentatorand advocate for steroid transparency in sports, Derek, the self-proclaimed PED expert from the YouTube channel More Plates More Dates, seems to think he knows the reasons the former champ-champ stopped being tested.

Speaking in a video on his channel, Derek looked over the recent transformation that McGregor has gone through in the last few months. He believes that based on the natural capabilities the Irishman has when it comes to building muscle, these recent images appear to be potentially edited.

“This is his sauciest I’ve ever seen him look in my life, personally,” he said. “Like these quads, especially, to me … like again, this photo is almost suspiciously photoshopped, seemingly. That’s how cranked this guy looks right now relative to what I believe he’s naturally capable of.”

“So either he’s almost certainly taking something right now while not being tested by USADA so there’s absolutely the most incentive ever for him, when he’s creeping into his mid-30s, has to make a dramatic comeback. This is his last shot to do it coming off a brutal injury where you would probably be taking certain things in order to expedite recovery and make sure you come back with enhanced infrastructure to avoid further injury in the future.”

From there, Derek explained that there is already some added speculation about the reason Conor McGregor has not been tested by USADA. So in his opinion, there are only two options that make sense, and neither are natural: either “The Notorious” is photoshopping his muscles, or he has been getting some extra help from some added supplements.

“Everyone is wondering why (McGregor) hasn’t been drug tested and people talk about his injury, getting out of the pool. But he has impending plans to come back to the UFC and make a statement. And this does not look representative of ‘I just took time off and I’m focusing on building my physique back to be fight ready.’ He has never looked like this in this dramatic of a fashion. This is almost to the point where I would think the picture is fake, like that’s how juicy this guy looks.”

This is not the first time Derek has made accusations about a UFC fighter. Earlier this year, he accused former welterweight champion Kamaru Usman of PED usage, to which Usman issued a strong response where he branded the YouTuber an “idiot.”

The reason Conor McGregor is looking the way he is while not being drug tested is one that will be left to fans to speculate on until a more official answer is discovered. In the meantime, this is an interesting perspective from someone who is always on the lookout for athletes who are using performance enhancing drugs.

What do you think of Derek’s assessment of Conor McGregor?

All quotes from MMAMania.

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