Guest Of Dana White At UFC 281 Loses Seven-Year Battle With Cancer

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Jason, a UFC fan who was a guest of Dana White at two events this year, has tragically lost his fight with cancer aged 35.

Cancer has long been one of the world’s biggest killers, with one in two individuals developing some form of the condition during their lifetime. For Jason, the disease caused a seven-year battle, which he ultimately succumbed to on Christmas Day.

Jason suffered from stage 4 rectal cancer, treatment for which is largely palliative. Its median survival is documented to be approximately nine months with top supportive care.

Prior to his death, Jason was able to experience a few final moments of joy courtesy of the premier mixed martial arts promotion. Earlier this year, he was invited to UFC Long Island, headlined by Brian Ortega and Yair Rodriguez, by White.

After thanking the company and its president for the experience, Jason was invited to an even bigger occasion last month — UFC 281 at Madison Square Garden.

UFC fan Jason & Dana White
Image Credit: @ifroodle on Imgur

Following the memorable card, Jason took to Reddit, where he’d been documenting his story and UFC fandom, to describe his experience as White’s guest at the pay-per-view.

He began by detailing the immense battle it took to be able to attend the event, listing the immense amount of treatment he underwent to continue his fight against cancer beyond the November 12 card.

“Dana invited me to UFC 281 but I wasn’t sure if I would be able to make it due to my health declining FAST due to stage 4 cancer,” Jason wrote. “I fought like hell, made it, and it was the best day of my life… For those of you who don’t know, I’m 35 and have stage been fighting stage 4 rectal cancer for 7 years. After UFC Long Island my health began deteriorating QUICKLY. My chemo stopped working and my lungs began to be covered in tumors which caused so many problems. I now had a goal… make it to 281 by any means necessary. 

“When I say any means necessary its hard to convey how much sickness and pain I’ve gone through in order to put myself in a condition to make it to the event. I have done over 130 chemo sessions, 60 radiation sessions, and more surgeries than I care to count,” Jason added. “I also have pain every fucking day, horrendous pain that cripples me daily. Anyway, back to 281. Long story short, I fucking made it.”

Over a month beyond his memorable night out at the New York-held event, Jason’s journey reached its conclusion.

Parent Thanks UFC & Dana White For 2022 Experiences

This week, one of Jason’s parents announced news of their son’s passing on the same Reddit forum. As well as thanking the wider community for their support, they also praised White and the UFC for showing “kindness” and “compassion” by hosting Jason at two events prior to his passing.

“I wanted to let the community know that my son Jason [U/IFroodle] passed away on Christmas Day after a valiant 7 year battle with Stage 4 Rectal Cancer,” the post read. “I can never express enough how much it meant to him to be at the UFC events at MSG and UBS Arena. We are forever grateful to Dana & his crew for their kindness and compassion. We’ve read all of the incredibly kind comments from this community when Jason posted and we appreciate your support from afar.

“”The world lost a little bit of light on Christmas Day and our family has suffered an enormous loss. Please do a kind deed in his name if you feel so inclined. Even throughout Jason’s horrendous battle, he always tried to help others with their battle in any way he could.”

UFC fan Jason & Mike Tyson
Image Credit: @ifroodle on Imgur

In his update post-UFC 281, Jason branded the experience “the best day of his life.” Unfortunately, he also revealed that his health was rapidly declining.

Appearing to know that his battle was nearly up, Jason spoke about the importance of White’s gesture in giving him something to ‘stay alive’ for.

“Overall, I’d like everyone to realize how much these gestures by Dana mean to people like me,” Jason wrote. “My family wouldn’t have had me around for thanksgiving if it wasn’t for Dana inviting me to 281 and me fighting like hell to still be alive. In a life full of pain and misery, that day overshadowed them all and put a smile on my face the whole time.

“I have memories that will last a lifetime, and I’m happy my stepdad could spend that time with me compared to our normal time when he has to hear me cry in agony or help me do the most basic stuff. Thank you so much Dana White and the UFC. You make dreams come true, and give us the best entertainment on the planet,” Jason concluded.

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