Aljamain Sterling On Conor McGregor: ‘I’d Like To Know What He’s On’

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Whatever Conor McGregor is taking, Aljamain Sterling wants to know the deets.

The cleanliness of McGregor’s blood and urine content has been called into question a lot recently, with the revelation that he was not tested by USADA in 2022 coming to light. This, combined with some impressive looking physique updates have made people like Joe Rogan go so far as to outright suggest he is using steroids.

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Aljamain Sterling Wants Conor’s Secret McSauce

Joe Rogan is not the only person skeptical of the recent transformation of Conor McGregor, as UFC Bantamweight Champion Aljamain Sterling also has some questions about the substances that the Irishman may or may not be putting into his system. Regardless of what it is that he may or may be taking, “Funkmaster” is impressed with how jacked “The Notorious” has looked as of late.

Speaking in a video on his YouTube channel, Sterling admitted that McGregor is absolutely jacked and openly wonders what supplements he may be using to attain that physique. Whatever it is, “Funkmaster” says that he wants to know what the Irishman is using to make the level of gains that he has over the last several months.

“I’m going through his pictures right now. The guy is jacked as ever. I’d like to know what he’s on, because his arms are ginormous. His head, his chest, he’s jacked bro. He’s looking like a bodybuilder now,” Sterling said.

Whether or not Conor McGregor is taking special supplements while recovering from a terribly broken leg is between he and the folks at USADA. That said, perhaps he can share his shopping list with Aljamain Sterling upon request.

What do you think Conor McGregor is doing to get so jacked?

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